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March 10, 2015

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A Vindictive Michael Renames Avery … “AJ”! Does He Deserve A Giant Bitch Slap?


On Monday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital: Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly (Laura Wright), Morgan (Bryan Craig), and Kiki (Hayley Erin) were no match for Michael (Chad Duell! No matter what they pulled in trying to keep baby Avery out of his arms and out of his granted custody, nothing worked!

After Sonny told Morgan and Kiki to take Avery to his island, and even after the courts came with Michael to the Corinthos home to take Avery, Michael was no fool.  He knew Sonny wouldn’t just hand his daughter over, and so he suspected Sonny would hide her away.  Michael even went so far to have his mother Carly arrested along with Sonny.  But, just as this action was about to take place, Morgan and Kiki arrived at Sonny’s with baby Avery, and apparently did not go to the island as directed by Sonny.  In some ways, it was an intended great save.

However, after Michael’s former love Kiki tried to implore him to stop this insanity, and to not take Avery away from the Corinthos Clan, Michael remained steadfast in his resolve to remove Avery from their home and bring her to the Quartermaines!  Carly even played by the Jason card with Michael, and Michael even played the being shot in the head and the scars card, illustrating what can happen to a child if they are left in the care of Sonny.

In the end with no other choice, Kiki hands Michael the baby. Then, Michael as snot-faced as ever tells the Corinthos clan that he is changing Avery Jerome Corinthos’ name.  In fact, he is going to shorten it … to just AJ!  Sonny is pissed and Michael is triumphant!

Watch the scene after the jump! Then let us know, does Michael deserve a bitch slap for what he is doing? Do you agree or disagree with his antics?  What did you think of the performance of Chad Duell? Comment below! Read more >

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